Wednesday 13 October 2010

The Fallen named Number 4 in 'Top 10 books about music'

Really delighted with this - and in good company. Thank you Neon Filler website

Dave Simpson's The Fallen - The Fall fan and journalist Simpson's attempt to track down all 50 plus members and ex members of the band almost ends up destroying his life. It's a tough job, which he miraculously pretty much achieves. What emerges is a bizarre picture of life working for and with Fall frontman Mark E Smith, which at times, according to Simpson's book, is like working in a Victorian factory, with Smith as the mill-owner. Simpson even gets to interview the man himself, but it is the memories of the more recent members plus the infamous fight on stage in New York where Smith ended up sacking the entire band that are among the true highlights.

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Exeter said...

Way to go!

Great book.